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DeSo Update

The last time I posted about BitClout was in May. A lot has changed since then! First off, it sort of went through a rebranding. Hang with me here, let’s see if I can explain this. BitClout.com still exists, but it’s no longer the focus of the project. “DeSo,” or Decentralized Social, was announced in September. This became the new name for the foundation behind the project, and the blockchain that powers it. The associated cryptocurrency was renamed from $clout to $deso as well. This started a shift from BitClout, which is a proof-of-concept node running on the DeSo blockchain, toward other nodes and applications built by independent developers. Got all of that? Honestly, it’s pretty confusing and creates a branding issue in the short term, but long term it will be key to this project living up to its potential.

That’s the big one, but lots of other changes have occurred since May. The anonymous founder, @diamondhands, came out as @nader. In hindsight, this was really essential to the continued growth of the product. One of the biggest features to be added is Social NFTs. You can mint any of your posts as an NFT. There are built-in auction features for these NFTs, including the option of setting creator and coin-holder royalties. This brought a whole new dimension to the platform that’s still being evolved by the community. Another big change was the addition of referrals. There have been a couple of versions, but currently, active users are provided a link they can use to refer new users to the Diamond node. The referrer gets $5. The referred account gets $25 if they verify their identity. Here’s my link if you want to get started.

With the shift in focus away from BitClout lots of great new projects have started up. Sites like Supernovas, Polygram, and NFTz are focusing on the NFT market. Cloutavista has a nice search engine. Pulse helps you track creator coins. Cloutfeed has a mobile app. Diamond, the site with the referrals, is a prettier version of the original BitClout.com, with some added features like NFT transfers. These are just a few of the 100+ apps now running on the DeSo blockchain. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but with all of these projects working from the same blockchain you can pick the interface that works best for you and ignore the rest if you want.

As far as Beer Selfie goes on DeSo I haven’t drastically changed anything since my last article. The @beerselfie coin has experienced fairly steady growth.

I’ve become less concerned with the @beerselfie coin price. It’s fun when people invest, and I appreciate the show of support, but other DeSo features have taken the forefront for me. I have quite a bit invested in @beerselfie coin myself, but I consider that a long-term investment, which isn’t too exciting day-to-day. My focus is on creating content and engaging with the community. One fun way I’ve come up with to engage with the community is the creation of “DeSo Beer” NFTs. This is a series of pixel art beers including stats like ABV and IBU, ingredients, glassware, and tasting notes. I feel like these help bridge the gap with a community that isn’t focused on craft beer. To date, I’ve released three DeSo Beers, with more to come.

With a lot of the bugs worked out, some big names joining, and some great new features, it’s time you got on board. Get in while it’s still early and help me create a craft beer community on this groundbreaking new platform! Use this link to join and get started with $25.

About the author

Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.