Behind the Brew with Kenny

We checked in with Kenny from @passmycup

How did @passmycup get started?

The funny part is, I was the last one from my team to start drinking lol. Long story short, we used to pass out cups with our info on them at our parties and events. After a while, people started asking ” How are you going to give me an empty cup?” After hearing that question so many times, I asked myself “What can I put in these cups that people would enjoy drinking?”

At the time I realized that a lot of people within my culture weren’t drinking beer because it was “nasty.” I do understand how that mindset came about and I want to change that narrative. So I learned how to brew beer. That way I could express to my people, not all beers taste like malt liquor. There are millions of POC that are missing out on great-tasting craft beers and the dope craft beer environment in general. Pass My Cup is here to help bridge that cultural gap within the craft beer industry and to bring people together.

The @passmycup account is for people to be a part of and support my craft beer journey. Also to network and build awesome relationships with like-minded individuals. 


How did you become interested in craft beer?

At first, I was only drinking imported beer. My interest in craft beer spiked when I decided I wanted to brew my own beer about 2 years ago. I want to make the best-tasting beer that I can. So I have to do “research ” on other craft beers. I look at and drink beer from a different perspective now. 

What’s one of your hobbies aside from craft beer?

Arts and crafts, hiking, yoga and meditation, traveling, especially road trips, cooking and brewing, bowling, learning new material, listening to music, staying updated with new technology. 

What are your favorite and least favorite beer styles?

I like Belgian beers, American wheats, hefes, IPAs, and a classic lager. I am not a huge fan of sours or Berliner Weisse.

What beers have you enjoyed lately?

I’ve been drinking some pretty solid beers from local breweries in Georgia….too many flights and pints to remember them all lol.

What are a few of your favorite Instagram accounts?

Ahh, man so many to choose from lol. Obviously @beerselfie, @glimmerofhop never fails with her photos, @beergirl_melissa brings a ton of life to her page. @rustybarrelhomebrewing is a cool page for homebrewing. @trucolorsbrew has an amazing movement going on. I have to shout out the accounts that were guests on #HappyHrWednesdaze: @draughtseason, @downhomebrewing, @partyof2brewcrew, @beergirl_melissa, @brewswithbunny, @schoolhousebeer, @soulbrosbrewing, and @drinkcajunfire


What’s your favorite craft beer travel destination?

As of now, the Homebrew store lol, and @riversidemarket. I am preparing myself to visit Europe once this pandemic calms down.

What’s next for @passmycup?

Stay tuned, and follow the journey. I don’t want to ruin any surprises. 

About the author

Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.