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Brittani Bee’s Cancer Fight

Unfortunately @dontworrybeehoppy hasn’t been posting many beer selfies lately. Brittani Burnat, a craft beer enthusiast, brewery employee and active member of the Instagram craft beer community, has faced a number of health challenges over the past few years.

Brittani’s health struggles began in 2018 when she started experiencing vision problems. Diagnosed with Panuveitis, an inflammation affecting her eyes, she faced a relentless battle against worsening eyesight and crippling headaches. Undeterred, she continued working at Brewing Green, a local brewery in Bowling Green, Ohio.

In 2020, the situation escalated when Brittani was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins’s Lymphoma in her eyes. Despite enduring two types of chemotherapy and facing an uncertain future, Brittani kept pushing forward, determined to live her life to the fullest. Her love for craft beer remained a constant source of inspiration and positivity during these challenging times.

In November 2023, amidst the ongoing health battles, Brittani welcomed a healthy baby boy, Tobias Lee, into the world. His arrival brought joy and distraction, offering a respite from the relentless health concerns that had become a constant in Brittani’s life.

However, joy turned to worry when, just nine days after giving birth, Brittani received the devastating news of a brain tumor. As if battling cancer and facing the uncertainties of a brain tumor weren’t challenging enough, Brittani now finds herself in a financial struggle. In an effort to alleviate the financial burden, Brittani’s family has set up a GoFundMe page. Despite the challenges, Brittani remains determined to fight not just for herself but for her newborn son, Tobias.

Brittani’s connection with the craft beer industry started in 2017, working her way up from a local grocery store’s wine and growler bar to her ultimate goal of joining Brewing Green in 2019. Despite facing setbacks due to a change in ownership and the challenges brought about by her health issues, Brittani returned to Brewing Green in 2022.

How you can help:

Contribute to Brittani’s GoFundMe page or support her via Venmo

Keep an eye on the @beerselfie Instagram for a raffle fundraiser

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