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How did your interest in craft beer begin?

My university town placed a strong emphasis on supporting local business, and while there, I wanted to shop, eat and drink local. My drinking shifted from buying macro companies to supporting local breweries. I fondly remember Upland Brewing Company’s $2 pints on Sundays and the rare chances that Bears had Zombie Dust on tap!

What are your favorite and least favorite beer styles?

My favorite styles include thick and hazy IPAs, BBA stouts with nuts or coconut adjuncts, and wild sour ales. On the other hand, I cannot get onboard the hype over milkshake IPAs and exploding fruited slushees.

If you could only drink three beers for the rest of your life what would they be?

(Oh man this is tough!!) I think I will choose Palatine Pils by Suarez Family Brewing, Cosmic Lust by Cloudburst Brewing, and Modem Tones by Modern Times

Tell us about one of your favorite craft beer Instagram accounts.

If you do not already, I highly recommend following @hazeboiz. I am always in search of a good laugh and I thrive on great meme accounts. He features such quality content, and is a great reminder that we are here for drinking beer, and to not take ourselves too seriously.

Tell us about your favorite drinking buddy.

He is my best friend, my partner and my favorite person on this blue planet. He has helped me expand my beer palette immensely and introduced me to some wonderful new favorites. Splitting a new beer with him always brings me joy, and I’m positive his company makes the beer taste that much better, too!

Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.

  • I have twelve tattoos
  • My favorite anime is My Hero Academia
  • I have been Vegan for five years

About the author

Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.