Cryo Fresh Torpedo

Cryo Fresh Torpedo

Sierra Nevada Brewing will release Cryo Fresh™ Torpedo® in October, initially as part of a Hoppy Sampler Pack. Their cryo-fresh process “freezes hop harvest in time.” Hops are most intense right when they’re picked, but they fade fast. So Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) set out to keep them fresh, forever.

After harvesting “wet hops” — undried and straight from the field — YCH uses cryogenic technology to remove the hop leaves and isolate the pure lupulin, the source of hop aroma and flavor. Stored at subzero temperatures, Cryo Fresh lupulin provides hop field freshness, anytime.

Cryo Fresh Torpedo is the first nationally available IPA loaded with YCH® 301 trial hops, with a blend for notes of passion fruit, citrus, and harvest magic. Brewed with YCH® 301 trial hops: Mosaic®, Citra® & Simcoe®

“Cryo Fresh is the closest you can get to walking the fields, picking a hop, and rubbing it in your hands and smelling it.” says Sean Lavery, Sierra Nevada Technical Innovation & Brewing.

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