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Giants Postseason Drinking Game

Giants baseball and craft beer are two of my favorite things. The Giants have had a historic season, with a franchise-record of 107 wins, and the best record in baseball. On Friday they start the postseason against the winner of the Cardinals/Dodgers wildcard game.

Baseball and craft beer are the perfect pairing. Pick up your favorite craft beer and let’s watch some postseason baseball! This drinking game can be used for as long as the Giants are in the postseason, up to and including a World Series win. I’m not saying they’re going to win the world series, but they probably are. Hit me up on social media if you are playing the drinking game or if you have any rules that should be added, and drink responsibly.


Captain – 1 drink 
Captain Daddy – 2 drinks
Travis Ishikawa – 1 drink
“Keep Giants in SF” Crawford sign – 1 drink
Tauchman robs Pujols – 1 drink
Gausman walk-off – 1 drink
Bumgarner relief outing – 1 drink
Timmy – 1 drink

Fan Sightings

E-40 – 1 drink
Rob Schneider – 1 drink
Steve Perry – 1 drink
Colin Hanks – 1 drink
Zooey Deschanel – 1 drink
Bob Saget – 1 drink
Lamonte’s parents – 1 drink
Former Giant – 1 drink
Andrés Torres’ outfit – 1 drink
Kuiper or Krukow jersey – 1 drink


Home run – 1 drink
Giants splash hit – 2 drinks
Double play – 1 drink
“Late Night” LaMonte hit after the fifth inning – 1 drink
Gausman splitter strikeout – 1 drink
Brandon Belt at-bat – 1 drink
Doval tops 102 – 1 drink
Webb hit – 1 drink
Buster throws someone out – 1 drink
Steven Duggar diving catch – 1 drink
Justin Turner strikeout – 1 drink


Yaz on second sign change – 1 drink
Jay Jackson smile – 1 drink
Cueto shimmy – 1 drink
Buster hug – 1 drink

Game Results

Win – 1 drink
Walk-off win – 2 drinks
Series win – finish the bottle
Elimination – finish the bottle and open another 
World Series win – finish the bottle and open one from your cellar

About the author

Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.