What's your favorite and least favorite beer styles?

Q&A: What are Your Favorite & Least Favorite Beer Styles?

Laura @SouthernBrewReviews


This is a very interesting question. There’s so much grey in between the “black & white” that is picking a favorite beer style. My IG is all over the place, I truly LOVE trying new & different brews! Factors like weather, atmosphere, availability & freshness tend to always play a role in swaying my ‘favorite’ styles day by day… But for the purpose of this post, I’ll try to keep it simple.

I’d say my most consistent ‘favorite’ beer styles have been pale ales & most versions of IPA’s (doubles, triples, quads, dry hopped and so on. I use to think I loved milkshake IPA’s, but honestly, the more I try them, the more I know they’re just not for me). Some days I can’t help but crave a good, clean, hoppy brew. Just Hops, Grain, Water & Yeast, no extra bells or whistles please. Simple & satisfying, a brew that typically pairs well with ribs or chicken wings is my kind of brew.

During the day, I tend to lean towards more refreshing crispy crushers, but when the sun starts to set, I prefer maltier, heavier brews like a memorably solid double or heavy triple IPA.

I say IPAs confidently, yet with hesitation. There are obviously times I sprint to a tart sour or dive right into a boozy and decadent imperial russian stout. Choosing just one style seems as hard as picking a favorite child… they all have their good points. It’s nearly impossible! Overall, I do drink more IPA’s (and buy more IPA’s) than any other style, so I’ll have to stick with that.

My least favorite style may be a spicy saison (I know, I know, it’s a spicy pale ale – but I’m not into it. I either want a pale ale, or a deeper, heavier, spicier brew, not a crispy spicer with a weak ABV) or smoked beer (thankfully, this style isn’t as popular in America. The only smoked beer I’ve tried was german & I’m not into it. Same goes for my bourbon preferences, I tend to steer clear of heavily smoked batches. Smoke flavor just isn’t for me.)

Luckily, there are SO many options in the beer world, picking a favorite was hard & avoiding the ones I’m not fond of is extremely easy. It’s a win win!

Nigel @nwoodberry1966


My favorite beer style has to be Stout. Folks talk about a “Stout season.” I’ll have none of that! I’ll drink a Stout anytime anywhere. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall! Stouts for all. And if it’s barrel aged, even better. My least favorite style is a sour IPA. I mean, I’ll drink one just to check it in on Untappd, but I’m certainly not seeking them out. I’ll definitely give it love if it’s done well and true to style, but that particular mash-up is not my jam.

James @passthehops


One of my favorite beer styles would be a nice, crisp, clean, juicy, hazy ipa. Preferably with Strata, Galaxy, or Citra being the focus of the beer. There is like that first sip that relaxes your palette. To answer what is my least favorite I would say, a coffee stout or coffee porter; either way, leave coffee out of the equation and I will drink it. The steep bitterness and harsh aroma from coffee is just not refreshing for me.

Émilie @la_petite_biere

Photo by @carl.theriault.photo

My favorite type of beer is definitely NEIPA’s. I like them juicy AF or Dank and resinous and I also love when they have a dry finish! If you are visiting Montreal, these are 3 excellent NEIPAs that are easy to find in some supermarkets and almost every beer store: IPA du nord-est from Boréale, Bièrerie Shelton’s NEIPA, and Ta meilleure from brewery Lagabière.

Less favorite:
I don’t have a particular style that I detest but there is some tastes that I don’t like in beer. One example: I hate when a beer is too sweet or too malty. But I keep trying some because sometimes I get a very great surprise! Because I realized that some of them are super well balanced with other tastes. Something like a clean cut bitterness, or dryness.

Lisa @hopsandflipflops


It’s no secret that this girl LOVES sours! With so much variety amongst the styles, there is something for everyone and I get a kick out of people asking what I’m drinking when I’ve got a bright red Berliner Weisse in my hand, or a green one. Berliners are definitely what I enjoy most, but I’m always down to try a Gose or kettle sour when available. My first craft beer was actually a Grand Cru so I’ve liked the sour stuff since day one.

Hate is a strong word and I don’t want to use it regarding beer, because what’s not to love about beer?! But, it is common knowledge amongst my friends that I’m not fond of the stouts. Laughably, I live in a state that is known for big barrel aged and pastry stouts and I want none of it. It’s almost comical the reactions I get when people learn that I don’t like them. To be fair, I do try to smell the pours and occasionally taste them to keep up on trends and flavors and of course I buy them to trade and share with my friends. There’s always someone willing to send me a sour!

Jamal @thehopcircles


My favorite beer styles would be all IPAs, Belgians, and believe it or not I love a good Amber/Red Ale. IPAs will always be my preference I love the bitterness, I love the hops it fits my personality. I’ve always compared my craft beer preferences to my liquor and I prefer dark liquor, cognac specifically.

My least favorite beer style(s) would be Pumpkin ales, all it takes is one bad experience to ruin it. You know how some people in the world don’t like pineapple on their pizza, well this is how I feel about pumpkin in my beer

Jenna @thebrewlocker


I love this question. There is such a vast selection of beer styles now that for me having a favorite is kind of tough! I love a good Sour that makes you pucker! I enjoy Berliner Weisse’s, they’re a perfect blend of sour and sweet. So crushable. You can’t go wrong with a tried and true Lager. I love the juice bombs that are NEIPA’s. In the winter I love Stouts that make you feel warm and cozy with the chocolate and coffee flavors.

On the other hand, I don’t like traditional IPA’s. I respect the style but they are too hoppy and bitter for my palette. I prefer to not be punished every time I take a drink. I’m not a big fan of Brown Ale’s. To me, they all taste the same and are just too malty.

Mike @sirfoodsavage


This was a tough question to answer. My least favourite style of beer has to be Belgian I just can’t get behind a Belgian style beer they are so hit or miss for me! If they have that banana flavour it’s a hard no.

My favourite beer style..I have to go with a stout. You can do so much with a stout, adding different ingredients like peanuts, maple syrup, even spices like cinnamon or cayenne pepper! Stouts are so good, barrel aging them in bourbon or wine barrels…this is why I’ll take a stout all day everyday!

Patrick @patrickwatches


When it comes to favorites, that’s one of those questions that is easily answered with “it depends”. Prior to the colder months setting in, I’d been exploring all manner of different IPAs, as they seemed to bring a wonderfully complex flavor profile to the tongue. Prior to that, I had been all about dark beers, but they all started to taste like single-note wonders. That said, I’ve started mixing some stouts, porters, and dark ales back into the mix as a change of pace (and for something that seems more fitting to the cold weather).

In terms of a style I don’t like, one I’ve just not quite gotten used to are sours. I’ve had a few, and some just tasted awful to me. The most recent one I tried was a citrus-based one, and that actually felt like it worked the best, to me. That said, while I’m all up for trying new styles and flavors, the sours just have not been my jam.

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