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Dustbowl Lost Uncle

Dust Bowl Lost Uncle Imperial Stout

Dustbowl is going big with this 9.8% pastry stout. It has cacao nibs, vanilla beans, coffee, boysenberries, and raspberries. I really enjoyed the berry additions. They work really well with the coffee, and they lend a brightness to the roasted malts. I also appreciated how solid the base stout is, and that they didn’t make it overly sweet. Dust Bowl makes some really nice stouts and this is another one worth tracking down.

Roadhouse Avarice & Greed

Roadhouse Brewing Avarice and Greed Belgian Style Golden Ale

This Belgian Style Golden Ale from Roadhouse Brewing has a really nice, estery aroma with banana and bubblegum. It pours a bright golden color with a small white head. Avarice & Greed hits all the right notes for a golden ale: spicy cloves, a clean grain backbone, and a tasty banana finish. There are some other fruit flavors in there as well, possibly from the hops, that really tie things together. I was surprised to see the 9% ABV, super high for a golden ale, but it isn’t really noticeable in the flavor.

Henhouse Oyster Stout

If you’ve never had an Oyster Stout it’s definitely worth the experience. Unless you’re vegan I guess.

Henhouse Oyster Stout pours a dark black with a tan head that lingers nicely. It has a coffee aroma. At 4.8% ABV it is a nice rich stout. Coffee and dark chocolate flavor, with a bit of burnt toast and earthyness. The finish is a unique briney, smokey flavor.

Soquel Golden Sour #7 w/ Raspberry

This is my first beer from Soquel Fermentation Project and I’m very impressed! Golden Sour #7 with Raspberry is all raspberry in the aroma. The flavor is very clean, dominated by pleasantly natural raspberry, with a hint of oak in the finish. It is a lovely mouth puckering tart, but without any vinegar like flavor. I’m going to need to try some more Soquel!

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Odd 13 Hop Hop Troll Troll

Hop Hop Troll Troll Double IPA

Hop Hop Troll Troll Double IPA uses pilsen and spelt, with citra and motueka hops. It has a big, bright orange and grapefruit nose. The flavor is mostly citrus, with hints of honeydew. This beer has a surprisingly big, almost creamy, body that assume comes from the spelt. There seems to be of a vanilla sweetness that had me reading the can to see if there was lactose or other adjuncts used. It finishes with a lingering bitterness.

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Anchorage Corvid Dreams

Corvid Dreams

Anchorage excels at Double IPAs and Corvid Dreams is a good example of that. It has a candied tangerine aroma. The body is heavy, but not overly thick, creamy, or sweet. This is a very smooth Double IPA with a nice level of bitterness and little hint of the 8.4% ABV. The finish is delightfully dank and lemony.

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