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Taza Drinkware and Opener

Taza sent us these lovely unbreakable glasses and bottle openers. You can’t tell the glasses are actually made of plastic until you pick one up. They’re BPA free, dishwasher safe, and shatterproof. The bottle openers remove caps from bottles without damaging the caps. That’s perfect for bottle cap crafts, or a Beer Cap Map.

Buy a set of 4 TaZa Unbreakable 16oz Wine glasses on Amazon
Buy a Brushed Aluminum TaZa Pop-the-Top Bottle Opener on Amazon
Buy a Black TaZa Pop-the-Top Bottle Opener on Amazon

Watch me unbox and try them out:

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  1. […] If you want to keep your beer caps in pristine condition for you Beer Cap Map or other craft project this is the bottle opener you need. Pop the Top removes caps without twisting or prying, and it doesn’t damage the cap. The same company, Taza, also makes these handy shatterproof wine glasses. You can read more about both at Taza Drinkware and Opener. […]

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