Beer and …

Seeing as @beerselfie is effectively devoted to “Beer and People” I thought I’d see what other types of “Beer and …” accounts are out there. Here then are accounts mostly featuring craft beer and some other specific thing that the creator is passionate about.

Beer and Cameras @beersandcameras

An Instagram account for craft beer photography meetups in cities around the world (mostly California). There are, of course, some fantastic photos here!

Beer and Legos @beer_farts

“A beery journey on Lego legs.” Hilarious scenes of lego figures matched up with some great craft beers.

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Beer and Whisky @craftbeerandwhisky

If you want to get a little boozy @craftbeerandwhisky has you covered with some nice photos of craft beer and/or whisky.

Beer and Bikes @bikes.and.beers

These guys organize cycling events that feature a post-ride festival at a craft brewery. Every event donates to a local cycling charity.

Beer and Dogs @dogsontap

“Because craft beer and dogs were made to be photographed together.”

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Beer and Food @bakerandthebeerd

Don’t follow this account unless you want to always be hungry for delicious pastries.

Beer and Toys @marty_mcfly127

Marty’s house must be a fun place.

Beer and Hats @beersandballcaps

So many great hats!

Beer and Shoes @_noway_jose

If you like sneakers you should definitely kick it with José.

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