AHA July Free Book

Brewing Local

The American Homebrewer’s Association is offering a free copy of Brewing Local by Stan Hieronymus with new memberships throughout July. Hieronymus is a professional journalist and amateur brewer who has made beer his beat since 1993. His travels have taken him to breweries in every state in the country. The editor at RealBeer.com, he’s penned hundreds of articles for periodicals and publications and has co-authored four books with his wife, Daria Labinsky.

In Brewing Local: American Grown Beer, Hieronymus examines the history of how distinctly American beers came about, visits farm breweries, and goes foraging for both plants and yeast to discover how brewers are using novel ingredients to create unique beers.

The book introduces brewers and drinkers to the ways herbs, flowers, plants, trees, nuts, and shrubs flavor distinctive beers.

brewing local back cover

An American Homebrewer’s Association membership also gets you access to members only events and pre-sale ticket access for Brewer’s Association events (GABF, SAVOR, etc.), online seminars and tutorials, homebrew recipes, over 2,500 discounts in the U.S. and worldwide, a subscription to Zymurgy magazine, and more. Get your membership in July for just a few dollars a month and score all of this and a great brewing book for free!

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