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How did your interest in craft beer begin?

Well, in 2013 after a terrible breakup, I started dating a guy who was really into craft beer.  He would take me to breweries and force me to try all different kinds.  After a few visits to our local breweries I was hooked.  I ditched the guy, but kept the love and interest in beer.

What are your favorite and least favorite beer styles?

My favorite style is definitely a West Coast IPA.  I love a fresh clear beer with a nice flavor balance and bitter finish. 

Least favorite would be anything barrel-aged.  I somehow can’t take the flavor of the aging and just not a fan of the sweetness that often goes with them.

If you could only drink three beers for the rest of your life what would they be?

  • Yellow Rose Smash IPA * lone pint brewing, austin TX – this beer is delicious, but more than that- my Grandma Loved the yellow rose and the symbolism of this beer is special to me
  • Row 2, Hill 56 * Russian River brewing, santa rosa CA – Every time I drink this beer, I am pleased with the great quality and flavors.  The finish is clean, and just something about it never gets old
  • Station 101 * Claremont Craft Ales, Claremont CA – Burst of flavors with excellent balance of hops and malt.  This beer blew my mind the first time I had it, and still makes me smile with every drink.

Tell us about one of your favorite craft beer Instagram accounts.

One of my FAVORITE craft beer accounts… sheesh! That’s like picking my favorite food – impossible!  Well, If I had to pick one… I would definitely go with my girl @kitten_whiskers_sparkles. Besides that she posts smokin’ hot photos, of a huge variety of cool beers, she is a kind and wonderful person.  I was able to visit her last year in Albuquerque, and she was a warm host, and we just had so much fun together!  She supports me and many other women in the beer world, so she gets my vote for fav!

Tell us about your favorite drinking buddy.

Favorite drinking Buddy, has to go to my boyfriend Tyler.  He is great for so many reasons, and is always down for a beer – whether we are cooking breakfast or grabbing a pint at one of the local places.  We have cracked tall cans in parking lots and had many beer adventures where great memories are made and also ones where we have foggy memories!  One thing I really appreciate about Tyler, is he is often introducing me to different styles of beer that I wouldn’t otherwise choose.  He knows lots of fun facts about beer, oh and the best part…   he loves ALL kinds of beer so he always finishes the beers that I order (or crack open) and don’t like! What more could I ask for!?

Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.

  • I have won Cupcake Wars on Food Network
  • I have never broken a bone
  • My dream job is to be a traveling writer.

About the author

Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.