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Pono Life

What do you do if your brewery is located in land-locked Wyoming and you want to make a killer fruited IPA? You team up with Maui Brewing of course. If you’ve ever been to the Hawaiian Islands you know the fruit is just better there.

Pono Life beer

Following research and development visits from both teams to Maui and Jackson Hole in early 2020, Pono Life has sprung to life as a 5.0% ABV Hazy IPA featuring notes of juicy pineapple, mango, and candied tangerine, balanced by hand-selected dank hops and the tart acidity of Liliko’i, a native Hawaiian passion fruit.

Drawing its name from Hawaiian culture, “Pono” expresses righteousness and bringing harmony to yourself, others, and one’s environment. Says Roadhouse Co-Founder and Fine Dining Restaurant Group Owner Gavin Fine, “This brew reflects the shared spirit of Roadhouse and Maui Brewing Company and brings together our passions for craft beer and the joys of camaraderie.”

“It’s incredible to bring a taste of Maui to the mountains” states Maui Brewing Company Owner/Founder Garrett Marrero. “Our breweries reside in some of the nation’s most sought after destinations and this beer embodies a sense of place that can transport a day on the river to a day on the beach.”

Adds Roadhouse Head Brewer, Max Shafer: “We’re excited to partner with the talented Maui Brewing Company team to craft this hazy wonderchild of a beer that explodes with flavor. We hope it will allow people to connect in the same spirit of friendship and respect that is at the heart of our Maui collaboration. We’d be honored if this beer can live up to its name – if even in the smallest of context – by bringing more harmony and good to those who enjoy it.”

Pono Life beer

Roadhouse Brewing always excels with their IPAs and they brought that success to this collaboration. The contribution from Maui Brewing of the Liliko’i passion fruit works really well. The Liliko’i seems to have less of the earthiness often associated with passion fruit, and more of a sweet pineapple-like flavor.

Pono Life is currently available throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

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