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Beer Selfie Gift Guide

Here are some gifts that are sure to make your holidays merry and bright!

Beer Selfie Calendar

Calendar Cover

The 2021 Beer Selfie Calendar is a fundraiser for BottleShare. BottleShare is a craft beverage non-profit supporting industry workers and their families when they experience adversity outside of the workplace. 100% of the proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to BottleShare.

The 8.5″ x 5.5″ desk calendar features 48 craft beer enthusiasts you’ll recognize from Instagram.

Use coupon code “giftguide” for 10% off!

Original Grain

Original Grain Watch

Original Grain has a wide line of beautiful men’s and women’s watches, but our favorites are their Barrel collection.

Inspired by our love affair with whiskey, the Barrel collection features bold lines and rivet details reminiscent of actual whiskey barrels. In our classic Whiskey Espresso colorway you’ll find reclaimed wood from bourbon barrels, enough so, you’d swear there’s a hint of whiskey in every watch. Available in both Men’s and Women’s, as well as leather and bracelet styles, the Barrel is incredibly comfortable with a more streamlined design. Trust us, you’ll never want to take it off.

Craft Graphics

Craft Graphics designed our 2021 Beer Selfie Calendar. They’re a graphic design business that’s also a branded beer merch line from snapbacks and flannels to unique products like hoppy bar mats and hoppy straw hats. Stock up on beer merch for the holidays at www.craftgraphics.beer.


tavour stout gift box

Tavour is a craft beer online retailer, who works with over 600 independent craft breweries. They specialize in getting people delicious craft beer they would otherwise not be able to receive, working with breweries like Anchorage Brewing Co, Evil Twin, Fremont, 903 and MANY more!

For the perfect holiday present they offer gift boxes and gift cards. They have IPA, Sour, Stout, and mixed-style gift boxes.



YOpeners have a great design that allows a bottle to be opened without bending or marking the bottle cap in any way. They have an integrated wax-cutter which makes easy work of those pesky, albeit beautiful, waxed bottles. YOpeners also have a rare earth magnet embedded within the YOpener itself which keeps the cap from falling to the floor and also allows the YOpener to be conveniently hung on the fridge for easy access. These wooden openers are handmade by Josh Miller and his dad. Josh is affected by Autism and Tourette’s syndrome and is visually impaired. This father and son duo loves spending time in the garage making sawdust and memories together. Through the sales of YOpeners, they’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to local charities supporting Autism and other causes.

While their flagship opener is made from bourbon barrels that once aged craft beers, there are other beautiful exotic hardwood options to choose from as well. Custom engraving your YOpener makes it an ideal and unique Christmas gift.

Use BEERSELFIE for $2 off your order!

Anvil Foundry

Anvil Foundry 10.5 Gallon All-In-One All-Grain Brewing System With Pump is a versatile all-in-one brewing system. From the triple element low watt density dual voltage heaters for blazing fast heating speeds, to the unique high flow grain basket, you won’t find a more powerful feature rich product. Includes recirculation pump kit.

  • Conduct your mash and wort boil all in one vessel
  • 10.5 Gallon vessel size makes it perfect for 5 gallon homebrew batches
  • Runs off standard 110/120v power so you can use it practically anywhere
  • Built-in control panel lets you set and automatically maintain target mash temps within +/- 1 degree
  • Double wall insulation helps get a better boil and to maintain mash temps without the need for a neoprene jacket

AHA Membership

american homebrewers association

Buy an American Homebrewers Association membership for your favorite homebrewer! Membership includes a subscription to Zymurgy magazine and discounts at hundreds of breweries and homebrew shops.

The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing

Kveik yeast has been taking the brewing world by storm the last couple of years. Lars Maius Garshol put this resilient and quick-fermenting yeast on the map. In Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing Lars discusses historical brewing traditions and techniques that have been passed from generation to generation on farms throughout remote areas of northern Europe. With these traditions facing near extinction, he set out to explore and document the lost art of brewing using traditional local methods. Equal parts history, cultural anthropology, social science, and travelogue, this book describes brewing and fermentation techniques that are vastly different from modern craft brewing and preserves them for posterity and exploration.

17% Drip

The BeerSelfie.com glassware is cool and all, but 17% Drip brings the glassware game to another level. We particularly like their Space Ghost “Big Drip AF Edition” glass. It’s the second glass in a collaboration series with Beer Zombies, Beer Canvas, Maryland Mob, and The Dallas Beer Squad. This massive 21.5 oz. glass is 3 inches of full color art.

Women’s Craft Beer Collective

If you enjoy craft beer and are a woman who loves to shout out about that passion, then welcome to the Women’s Craft Beer Collective

Having found the beer accessories and merchandising available out there to be far too masculine, Founder Kristine Baker decided to do something about it! “When I first founded the WCBC in 2013 there wasn’t anyone creating beer merchandise for women. I felt the need to take matters into my own hands, and make the kind of beer girl items I wanted to wear! Being absolutely in love with the colors of beer, also known as the SRM scale (standard reference measurement), the first necklace design was created with a mini SRM scale in Swarovski crystals, and a single hop charm”.

Their first shirt design idea came from working behind the bar as a beer-tender and men patrons speaking for women, or telling a woman what beer they would like or “should” like. The original black flowy tank-top says “FREE to Choose what Beer I’ll drink” and has been a favorite for quite a while.  Along those women’s empowerment lines, they just introduced the #beersmart beer-babe tank that has become very popular!  

Other recent additions to the shop include the new “all beer is girl beer” glassware, with a matching vintage motel key tag, and BEER MONEY retro coin pouch! All great stocking stuffers!  And shipping is always next day. Use code BEERSELFIE the month of December for 20% off your order. 

Brisk Grooming

Get that beard looking and smelling great with Brisk Grooming beard oils and shampoos. They soften and tame dry, rough beard hair, help skin that gets dry and itchy under the beard stay hydrated, make the beard look and feel healthy, and gives the beard a fresh scent.


Cicerone gifts

A Cicerone is a beer sommelier. To allow participation by those with various interests and experience, the Cicerone Certification Program offers four levels of certification beginning with the simplest and progressing to the most complex and demanding. The Cicerone Certification Program has an array of test-prep materials, including books, flash cards, and courses.

About the author

Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.