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Craft Beer Gift Guide

We’ve come up with some great gift ideas this year! We also tracked down discount codes for many of these gifts to save you some money. Happy holidays!

Shirts On Tap

Shirts on Tap is a box club for beer fans. Each month they team up with a local brewery, collaborate on a sweet custom shirt design, and then send it to their members with coupons, stickers, a brewery bio, and more!

You can choose one of seven craft beer cities, or have them surprise you with breweries from all over the country. We’ve been using Shirts on Tap for more than a year now and all the original shirt design have been fantastic! They have some really talented designers and they team up with some great breweries. You can use BEERSELFIE to get your first box for only $5!


We can say with great confidence that YOpeners are the most popular wooden bottle openers on the planet. The YOpener’s unique design allows a bottle to be opened without bending or marking the bottle cap in any way. Then there’s the YOpener’s integrated wax-cutter which makes easy work of those pesky, albeit beautiful, waxed bottles. The final YOpener feature is the rare earth magnet embedded within the YOpener itself which keeps the cap from falling to the floor and also allows the YOpener to be conveniently hung on the fridge for easy access. These wooden openers are handmade by Josh Miller and his dad. Josh is affected by Autism and Tourette’s syndrome and is visually impared. This father and son duo loves spending time in the garage making sawdust and memories together. Through the sales of YOpeners, they’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to local charities supporting Autism and other causes.

While their flagship opener is made from bourbon barrels that once aged craft beers, there are other beautiful exotic hardwood options to choose from as well. Custom engraving your YOpener makes it an ideal and unique Christmas gift. Head on over to YOpeners.com to read more about how a father and son’s hobby led to a business, and order a YOpener – or a few – of your own today! Use BEERSELFIE for $2 off your order!

Chill Systems

Have you ever wanted to enjoy some ice cold drinks in the sunshine, but couldn’t be bothered to lug around a heavy cooler with you? Chill Systems products are for you. They’ve designed a revolutionary portable beverage refrigerator called The Chiller that gives you hours of cools drinks without the cooler and ice. It’s powered by freezing gel inside the walls – so just freeze it, load it with drinks, and hit the road. The Chiller will cool multiple rounds of beverages for up to 6 hours.

Need to Chill a little longer than that? Chill Systems also developed a line of insulated bags for the Chiller – The Chiller’s Pack backpack and The Chiller’s Tote. These bags will keep your Chiller cold up to 24 hours, plus they carry extra drinks and gear, among some other great features for day trips, picnics, and beach days. Check out their website to learn more, and use code BeerSelfie for 20% off your order!


Grab this gift set for your favorite beer geek on your list. Available for a limited time this holiday season, KegWorks’ Beer Lovers Gift Pack includes 6 fantastic beer gifts and comes packaged in a gift box ready to go under the tree. Featuring KegWorks’ exclusive 16 oz Beer Stein Can Grip designed to keep your hand warm and your beer cold. This gift set also includes Beer Socks in Lager Yellow, a beer tasting notebook, reusable silicone bottle caps, a KegWorks wood-handled bottle opener and the KegWorks’ original 12 oz Beer Stein Can Grip handle. Become an email subscriber at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

Brewpub Jerky

Brewpub Jerky is beef jerky for beer drinkers.

The Brewpub Jerky team believes that beer drinkers deserve a better snacking option. Something with great flavor that doesn’t fill you up with a gazillion carbs.

Brewpub Jerky Original is the perfect complement to your beer. It brings a smoky, warm flavor and has just the right amount of kick to it.

Pass a bag of Brewpub Jerky around at your next party, or throw a bag or two into your favorite beer drinker’s stocking. And put down those pretzels already!

Enter code BEERSELFIE for 10% off your order (valid until
December 20, 2019)

Barley & Hops Craft Candles

Barley & Hops hand-pours a libation of soy-blend candles that dare to push the aromatic boundaries you have come to know in the fragrance world. Every single candle and room + body spray fragrance they produce has been custom crafted by hand.

They’re dedicated to safety and quality, They are eco-friendly, dye-free, hemp-wicked, highly fragrant, and hand-poured.

You can use coupon code BEERSELFIE for 15% off your order (expires December 8, 2019)

Beer Lover’s Table

The growth in craft beer is a full-blown phenomenon that is also making waves in the culinary sphere. In The Beer Lover’s Table, food writer and beer expert Claire Bullen answers the question: how do you successfully pair craft beer with food? Inside, 65 inspiring recipes – from cast-iron skillet pizza to harissa roast chicken – are matched with a diverse range of craft beers to enjoy with your meal. Soon you will see beer as not just a prelude to a meal, but rather as a drink that can work as well as wine when partnered with food.

Drink Better Beer

If the beer lover in your life is already all set with glassware and brewery swag, how about giving the gift of knowledge this season instead? Joshua Bernstein, a journalist and veteran beer writer, is here to tap some beer wisdom on you. Featuring must-know insights from 100+ beer industry pros written in a fun and light-hearted way, Drink Better Beer is here to help you navigate the complicated landscape of craft beer, debunking commonly misunderstood myths. Learn more at joshuambernstein.com.

Drink Better Beer cover


Want to get something original and exciting for the beer lover in your life this holiday season? Say hello to Tavour, a company that focuses on bringing craft beer from all over the nation right to your doorstep. They deliver gift boxes containing a select variety from independent breweries that you cannot find in your local stores.

Tavour was created when its founders realized the lack of variety of craft beer in local stores and knew that there were so many more independent breweries out there to enjoy. They’re the only item to be included in all four of our holiday gift guides! We’ve ordered beer from other services and always come back to Tavour because they are the best. They have themed gift boxes or gift cards available.


If you really love the home brewer in your life you’ll get them the Grainfather. This electric, all in one, brewing system is the height of home brewing convenience. It can be used indoors; No need for burners or hot plates; just plug in and go; Heating from mash to boil takes as little as 20 minutes.

Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App and Grainfather Brewing Community for the ultimate brewing experience. Create your recipes on the Grainfather Brewing Community and then sync these recipes with the Connect app. The control box has Bluetooth connection to your mobile device and Grainfather Connect App so it can be controlled remotely. This allows you to multitask or simply relax while brewing and then be alerted when to return to your next step.

Beer Selfie

Last but not least we have our own Beer Selfie gear! There are shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts in our PopFever Creator’s Collection, and we have glassware, shirts, tanks, and stickers in the BeerSelfie.com Store. You can use BEER for 10% off in both stores.

Our newest addition is this gorgeous metallic gold stemless glass designed by CraftGraphics.beer:

beer selfie glassware
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Beer Selfie Holiday Gift Guide


Glassware doesn’t get more gorgeous than this. These unique glasses were each designed to emphasize different beer styles:

The set started with our first straight sided beer glass, the Monti-Birra, which was designed to perfectly hold your 12 oz beer. The conical inverted bottom catches the initial splash of beer and gently leads the head of foam up to the surface. By encouraging the effervescence, the flavors of each individual beer are enhanced. The next glass has a similar design, but slightly bigger; the Monti-Pint, holds a true pint, perfectly measured for larger pours. For Pilsners, we created the Monti-Pils, a glass with a slender tall body that enhances the carbonation in these beers and helps maintain a longer effervescence. For the last glass, we studied and developed the shape of the glass to promote the aeration of hoppy IPA brews. As a result, we created the Monti-IPA, a “zig-zag” shaped glass; when liquid is poured, it is taken on a mini roller coaster ride down the angled ridges.

Every glass is hand-blown from lead-free crystal, which highlights the unique color of each individual beer.

Sempli has the beer glassware set above, or individual glasses. They also make some beautiful wine glasses and accessories, and their lovely Ventri beer bottle opener.


We dare you to come up with a more epic way to drink your beer than AleHorn. No, not coming up with anything? We didn’t think so.

Mankind could make alcohol long before we could make glass, so naturally we used what we could come by as vessels for our ancient fermented drinks like mead, ale, and wine. Not being ones to waste any part of an animal we had worked so hard to hunt or rear, we eventually figured out how to use tools to hollow out the horns of bovines to use as drinking horns, and the rest is history…

Ale Horn has classic viking horns and tankards in multiple sizes. All AleHorns are 100% real, ethically sourced bovine horn and will make you feel like a 100% real viking. They can also engrave almost anything on your horn. Their horns are guaranteed, so if anything happens or you’re not pleased with your horn they’ll replace it.

Use code BEERSELFIE for 10% off.

Rain Taps

Sommerville, Massachusetts artist Ben Lewis transforms beer tap handles into Rain Taps umbrellas by hand. These high quality, classic stick umbrellas are perfect for a walk to the pub on a rainy day.

He also repurposes tap handles into other functional items like bottle openers, pizza cutters and even ice cream scoops. They make great personalized gifts because they can be made out of a tap from the beer lover’s favorite brewery.  He has handles from a range of breweries, large and small.

I Prefer Craft Beer

Whether you are enjoying the latest hyped dry-hopped double IPA or American Pale Ale, hops provide you with the aroma and flavor you seek in craft beer. This new Big Hop T-Shirt design conveys the bold flavors and aromas you seek! It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It’s comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

You drink local beer, but you need an ultra-premium beverage insulator that is lightweight, collapsible and reduces warming by 50%. Don’t let warming ruin your delicious local beer. Get yourself a Big Hop & Drink Local 16-ounce beer beverage insulator!

I Prefer Craft Beer is best known for their great beer glassware. Their newest addition is this 17 oz. Silhouette Series Stout & IPA glass. It is sturdy, ergonomic, sensory enhancing, and photogenic. This glass features a large bowl and flared lip, which enhances the aromatics of your craft beer. It is also nucleated, which helps concentrate aromatics and accentuating flavor profiles.

A 10% Beerselfie discount code is automatically applied to I Prefer Craft Beer orders via the links above.


These guys try thousands of beers from small craft breweries and bring you the gems you can’t get at the store. Their unique twist on a beer club lets you select only the beers you want from a constantly updated selection, and have them shipped for a low flat rate. Help someone get started exploring limited craft beers from all over the country with a gift card, or send them one of Tavour’s expertly curated gift boxes. They currently have seven reasonably priced gift boxes grouped by beer style or region: Pumpkin, West Coast, East Coast, Dark, Sour, IPA, and a mixed set.

Beer Selfie Glassware

If you love to take Beer Selfies we have the perfect glass for you! We’re not saying this glass will guarantee you a repost on Instagram, but we’re not not saying that.

Beer Selfie Clothing

We’ve teamed up with Pop Fever to bring you a lineup of Beer Selfie and craft beer themed shirts and sweatshirts in a few different styles! This is the perfect gear for taking a beer selfie!

The Catalyst

You can now get all the features of a professional conical fermentation system at homebrew scale with The Catalyst. Yeah, the tank is plastic but that keeps the price super low and it’s a medical-grade, BPA-free, polymer that is more scratch resistant than other plastic fermenters. It is dishwasher safe and withstands temperatures of up to 230º Fahrenheit. It’s a 6.5 gallon tank with a 3″ Trub Trap Butterfly Valve designed to work with any large-mouthed mason jar, which makes catching and storing viable yeasts or separating sediment super simple. You can’t beat this combination of function and value!

Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era

First the Anderson Valley Brewing brewmaster nailed down this centuries old beer style, helping bring it into fashion in American craft beer, then he wrote the book about it. If you’ve tasted his beers you know: Fal Allen knows his Gose.

Explore the sensation of tart, fruity and refreshing Gose-style beers, popular in Germany centuries ago and experiencing a renaissance today. Follow the development of this lightly sour wheat beer as it grew, then bordered on extinction, before surging into popularity due to the enthusiasm and experimentation of American craft brewers. Gose explores the history of this lightly sour wheat beer style, its traditional ingredients and special brewing techniques. Discover brewing methods from the Middle Ages and learn how to translate them to modern day beer. Learn about salinity, spices, and lactic acid as you experiment with Gose recipes from some of the best-known craft brewers of our time. This refreshing journey captures the innovation and experimentation that is occurring within the style and help you brew your own Gose-style beers.

Amazon Beer Selfie Storeforont

Amazon has lots of beer gifts and we’ve create a Beer Selfie Storefront for over fifty of our favorites including lots of books, homebrewing equipment, clothing, soap, and other great stuff.

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Holiday Gift Guide

We are certain the craft beer enthusiast in your life will love one of these great gifts. We’ve tracked down the best brewing equipment, books, shirts, and more to make your holiday shopping extra tasty! Cheers!


Pretty Pennie Jewellery

Jewellery designer & metalsmith Hilary Pennie hand crafts these beautiful hop pendants, rings, and earrings.

Pair of Hops Earrings. Available in brass, sterling silver, and rose gold plated.

Hug from a Hop Ring. Available in silver, and brass/silver combo.

Heavy on the Hops 10 grams of solid metal. Available in brass, silver, and rose gold plated.

Bullets 2 Bandages

These bottle openers are made from American, once-fired, .50 caliber ammunition. They donate at least 15% of profits to veteran charities. They have a variety of holiday, event, and armed forces themed openers. Each opener can be custom engraved.

War Against Warm

The Craft’r insulated cup is perfect for camping, BBQing, or a picnic. It will hold your beer’s temperature for as long as needed.

  • Double-walled vacuum insulation
  • BPA FREE, 18/8 food grade stainless steel
  • 20 oz capacity

I Prefer Craft Beer Glassware

Proper glassware is essential for fully enjoying your craft beer. I Prefer Craft Beer’s glassware designs are hand-crafted in house and released in limited quantities.


The Drink Local Teku Glass for IPA is durable, stylish, and sensory refining. The stemmed beer glass incorporates a large angled bowl and flared top lip, which promotes better head retention and enhances the flavor and aroma profiles of your craft beer. The large base of the beer glass provides stability.

I Prefer Craft Beer Silhouette Snifter Glass

The Silhouette Series Stout Glass is a unique craft beer glass that is designed to enhance the olfactory senses (sense of smell), which influence the different types of flavors we taste in craft beer, bourbon whiskey, and other fine spirits.

The Snifter Stout glass boasts a wide-bowl that narrows towards the mouth of the beer glass. The stout beer glass design enhances the subtle differences of the beer by opening up and funneling the aromatics toward your nose.

Brewtiful Apparel

Are you Craft Beer AF? Brewtiful Apparel has you covered with their craft beer themed shirts! Use code “BEERSELFIE” at checkout for a discount!

Earn Your Booze

Earn Your Booze is a fitness apparel brand for those who play hard, and work harder. Your excuse to enjoy your drink, and your reminder to earn it.


If you really love the craft beer enthusiast in your life you’ll buy them a kegerator. Kegerator.com has some great deals on Edgestar kegerators for the holidays. They also have some big discounts on brewing equipment right now.

American Homebrewers Association

Buy an American Homebrewers Association gift membership for your favorite homebrewer! A membership includes a subscription to Zymurgy magazine and discounts at hundreds of breweries and homebrew shops.


How to Brew

How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time is the definitive guide to making great beer at home. It’s great for reading cover to cover, or as a reference when you need some info on brew day. The fully revised and updated fourth edition was recently published with even more great information.

Tasting Beer

This book by Randy Mosher covers a bit of everything: beer styles, flavor profiles, sensory evaluation guidelines, craft beer trends, food and beer pairings, and draft beer systems. The second edition just came out and it’s even more comprehensive. This is an enjoyable read, and the perfect study companion for the Cicerone exams.


This is our only repeat from last year’s gift guide. They have continued to impress over the past year. Let’s see, we’ve scored Dark Star, Abraxas, Pseudo Sue, Yeti, RU55, Boom Sauce, and so many other fantastic beers. They also find amazing beer from breweries across the country that you have probably never heard of. Their unique store/club hybrid model works perfectly for us. You only buy the beers you want, and there is a flat shipping rate for as many beers as you want. Their gift cards make an excellent gift!


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Craft Beer Holiday Gift Guide


Is there a beer geek in your life? Here are some insider tips on great gifts for your favorite craft beer aficionado. You’re sure to find something here that they will love!

Via elzey (CC)

Beer mail

You could sign your craft beer fan up for a beer of the month club, but I have something better for you. These two beer delivery services each have their own unique models that deliver beers that you can’t get anywhere else.


These guys do an amazing job of finding limited release and exclusive craft beers. You can create an account for free, then you get a daily email detailing their latest craft beer release. The beer descriptions are detailed and usually include scores from sites like Beer Advocate and Rate Beer. If you’re interested you reply to the email and let them know how many you want. You can also log into their site, or use their app, and select from a few recently released beers. They pride themselves on finding unique and fresh beers. They have gift cards available for the perfect stocking stuffer. Notes from my first of many Tavour shipments are at You’ve Got Beer Mail With Tavour.


Noble Brewer

Homebrewers are free to innovate wildly, for better or worse. Noble Brewer finds the best homebrewers and delivers their award winning brews to you. They pay homebrewers for their creations and then partner with breweries to produce large scale batches. Their four best creations are shipped to customers every quarter. Noble Brewer has gift options available. More information from my conversation with Noble Brewer’s found is at Noble Brewer.


Getting crafty

It’s not all about just drinking beer. Go ahead, let craft beer really take over your life with these fun products!

Beer Cap Maps

These are a really fun way to display your cap collection! They have maps for all 5o states and a few countries. Beer Cap Maps celebrate your favorite craft beers and challenge you to try new breweries from around your state, across the country, or around the world. They also have coasters, and they just announced a cool looking beer cap cornhole game called Crownhole.


Pop the Top Opener

If you want to keep your beer caps in pristine condition for you Beer Cap Map or other craft project this is the bottle opener you need. Pop the Top removes caps without twisting or prying, and it doesn’t damage the cap. The same company, Taza, also makes these handy shatterproof wine glasses. You can read more about both at Taza Drinkware and Opener.


Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Originally created with a Kickstarter campaign Kinkajou is the best tool out there for cutting glass bottles. Turn your beer bottles into glasses, candles, lighting, or whatever else you dream up with this easy to use tool.


Beer gear

Rep craft beer wherever you go with these outstanding threads.

Brewer Shirts

This fun shop has a wide range of clothes for men, women, and even kids with the coolest beer themed designs. They also have barware like glasses, cozies, and bottle openers. Make your beer geek look good with this stylish attire!

brewershirts-drinkgoodbeerglass brewershirts-hopbombshirt brewershirts-octopusshirtbrewershirts-xmassweater

Beer Zombies

Declare your undying love for craft beer with these unique shirts, glassware, and other gear.



Beer books

Get educated on brewing, beer styles, cooking with beer, and food and beer pairings with these great reads.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

This homebrewing book was originally published in 1984 and it’s still the best. It is both comprehensive and approachable. It is the first book I recommend to people to people who ask me about homebrewing. I still regularly reference it since originally reading it cover to cover.

The author, Charlie Papazian, is a legend in the beer world. He founded the Association of Brewers (now the Brewers Association), the Great American Beer Festival, and the American Homebrewers Association. He is the current president of the Brewers Association. Throughout The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, Papazian reminds the novice brewer to “Relax. Don’t worry. And have a homebrew.” He has since written five more books.


Brewing Classic Styles

At some point most homebrewers move beyond the kit, and they’re going to need a recipe. You can find loads of recipes online, but often you have no idea if they are any good. Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer have you covered with these thoroughly tested recipes. This book has 80 recipes, covering all the major beer styles. If I want to brew a style I haven’t tried before I start with a recipe from Brewing Classic Styles and adjust as desired from there.

Jamil Zainasheff is an award-winning homebrewer, beer judge, and host of “The Jamil Show” and “Brew Strong” shows on The Brewing Network. He has brewed every style of beer described in the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guidelines. He is the founder of Heretic Brewing Company, a 30-barrel brewery in the East Bay region of California’s San Francisco Bay area.

John Palmer is the author of How to Brew, an active member of the homebrewing community, and a brewing consultant.


The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer: An Unpretentious Guide to Craft Beer

Whether your fermented friend is a homebrewer or not they’ll love this book. This very approachable guide is a fun read while covering a full range of beer topics in great detail. Ashley Routson, AKA The Beer Wench, will bring you up to speed on beer styles, the brewing process, how to taste beer like a pro, and how to pair beer with food. This book has unconventional tasting notes, delicious meal recipes from killer craft breweries, and fantastic photos.

Ashley Routson is a craft beer evangelist and social media maven. She works in the brewing industry and has spent years training others in beer tasting and beer quality control, as well as promoting craft beer brands. Ashley is a beer writer who has written for or been featured on NPR, DRAFT magazine, Beer Advocate, and Time.com, among others. She’s a regular contributor to both CraftBeer.com and the Whole Foods Market blog, and the founder of IPA Day. Ashley has been a featured speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference, The Great American Beer Festival, and the Beer Bloggers Conference.


Homebrewing equipment

Up your brewing game with these handy tools.

Digital Temperature Controller

Once I got the basics of homebrewing down and tasted some of my results I realized how important fermentation temperature is. You can plug a heater, freezer, refrigerator, or other device into the easy to use Thermostar digital controller for precise temperature control. I have mine hooked up to a refrigerator for brewing ales in the Summer or lagering year round. You can also hook up a heat wrap to keep your fermentation going in the Winter.


FastFerment Complete Conical Fermenting Set Up

I don’t actually have one of these, but it will be my next brewing purchase. The FastFerment System is a one-stage fermenter, which allows brewers & winemakers to do primary & secondary fermentation in the same unit. This eliminates racking & transferring between buckets and carboys, and the extra cleaning and sanitation that requires. It’s similar to what breweries use for fermentation, but it is small, portable, and affordable for homebrewers. The conical design limits exposure to oxygen & allows for yeast harvesting. It seems like a very well thought out design and I can’t wait to try one out!


Digital Thermometer

I quickly grew tired of waiting for my glass analog thermometer and switched to one of these. You frequently need a thermometer on brew day and a digital one will save you time and frustration. This one is easy to read and will register the accurate temperature within a few seconds.


Kegerator accessories

Maximize your kegerator action with this great gear!

Draft beer Hop back Randall

If you want to really supercharge your kegerator you need a Randall. The Randall is used between the beer keg and your tap. Fill it with whole leaf hops and the alcohol in the beer acts as a solvent for the hop oils. It will impart an intense flavor and aroma that is unique to the Randall. You can also experiment with other ingredients like fruit, wood chips, or coffee if you want to get really crazy.


Growler Filler

Switching from bottling to kegging has one draw back: your beer is less portable. I’m guessing you already have a growler or three, so get this growler filler to make transporting your beer more convenient. The metal fitting fits into most standard American beer faucets. The other end has a hose that goes into growler for filling. This fills your growlers from bottom up which helps keep the beer from foaming up.



My kegerator is out in the shop so a pitcher is key. A pitcher will save you on trips back and forth to the kegerator, because I know you’re going to want more than one beer. This is a standard clear plastic pitcher (here’s a glass one if you’re feeling fancy) that probably won’t break if you drop it.