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Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA

This is not a subtle fruit beer. It is all blood orange up front. 21st Amendment’s Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA doesn’t have a vaguely citrus flavor. It is distinctly blood orange. The huge blood orange flavor is blended expertly with the bitter citrus hops. More and more I’m of the opinion that if you’re adding fruit to your beer you should go big, and this beer just confirms that. 21st Amendment just released this new IPA and it’s worth seeking out this unique brew.


  1. Bloody Notorious by Beavertown was a Blood Orange DIPA that worked brilliantly… I’d love to try this beer!

  2. I really enjoyed the blood orange IPAs I had last year. I’ll definitely seek this one out.

  3. At times a subtle beer is nice but on the whole I agree go big on the flavor or go home! Cheers

  4. I love this beer! 21st amendment always puts out some great refreshing brews!

  5. This sounds delicious! I need to find this!

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