Top Twenty

Top Beers of 2020

One sentence reviews of my twenty favorite beers of 2020.

Black is Beautiful

A beautiful Imperial Stout for a beautiful cause.

Plan Bee PitZ

Tart, funky, and peachy.

Anchorage A Deal with the Devil

This barley wine lived up to the hype.

Soquel Fermentation Project Golden Sour #7 with Raspberry

A delightful raspberry sour from the wizards at Soquel.

Sierra Nevada Farm Trail Harvest

A taste of Nor Cal in the form of a tasty Baltic Porter.

Jester King Bière de Blanc du Bois

Another Jester King masterpiece.

Drekker CHONK Raspberry & Chocolate

I tried a bunch of Pastry Sours this year, and this was my fave.

Evil Twin Zach’s Authentic Key Lime Sour

“Authentic Key Lime Sour” is a bold claim, and this beer pulls it off.

Secret Trail Delta Breeze

This is the beer that got me through the COVID Summer.

Roadhouse X Maui Pono Life

A taste of the islands, via Wyoming.

Moonlight Reality Czeck

Does anyone outside of Northern California know that some of the world’s best lagers are brewed in a 21-barrel brewhouse in Santa Rosa?

Old Nation M-43

Loaded with flavor and a nice sweetness; this NEIPA is like a fruity dessert.

SingleCut Fuzzbox

This dangerously smooth IIPA is loaded with tropical fruit flavor.

Black Project Tombstone

The dry-hopping adds some nice fruity notes to this delightful, funky sour.

Scratch Barrel-Aged Apple

The first apple beer I’ve ever really enjoyed from one of the most interesting breweries in the world.

Mikkeler Double Blush

A Raspberry, Coffee, Berliner Weisse shouldn’t make this much sense.

Run & Hide Fuque De French

I’d never heard of Run & Hide until they offered to send me this beer, and it blew me away.

Eel River Single Origin Mocha Stout

A taste of Humboldt County, brewed to perfection.

Slice Blurry Dreams

Stoked to finally try an IPA from Slice!

3 Fonteinen Kriek

Zero people were shocked that this was the best Kriek in our tasting.

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Keith Adams is the founder of BeerSelfie.com and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @grubulub.